Manifesto for the 2019 European Elections



As the Leader of The UK EU Party, I am committed to keeping the UK from being ripped out of Europe. I, like most of you, am appalled by the extremes the mainstream political parties are taking to. We are in a crisis and we need cool-level thinking and courtesy. Our party is founded on the premise that politics can and should be conducted in a kinder and gentler way, with clear answers and thought before action. None of us in The UK EU Party are career politicians, we are just ordinary people from many different walks of life who waited for sensible action from our politicians and, like you, we waited in vain.

I realised in the chaos in Westminster earlier this year that solutions were not coming from the existing political parties or MPs, and I realised that many, many thought the same as me. Look at the 6-million people who signed the recent online petition to revoke Article 50. Look at the one-million people who descended on the streets of London to demand a People’s Vote. There are millions of British people out there who not only wish to remain in the EU, but want a new voice representing them.

I am a married man with a young family. I came to the UK when I was a child; I grew up in a London that I love; I grew up in a Europe that I love. This party is created to make sure this is not taken away from us, and that we are not taken away from our fellow Europeans. We come without political baggage, with clean hands and open minds.

We are the only UK party to demand the revocation and reform of Article 50. This is by far the most direct method of resolving our brexit crisis. Any other brexit-related option would involve months, years, even decades of untangling. Furthermore, we are the only UK party, in the long run, which can guarantee to stand for being part of the European Union. It is our raison d’être. It is in our name.

We do not ‘respect’ the result of the 2016 referendum. It was inappropriate to put such a complex question to a referendum and there were several serious ‘anomalies’ in the conduct of the Leave campaign. The majority difference was small. After several years of effort, brexiters have not only failed to produce a clear plan for any form of brexit, they have not demonstrated that brexit would benefit UK citizens.

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