Our Mission


We have one policy and one purpose: to stop Brexit.

Standing for a kinder, gentler politics, we have one aim: to stop Brexit. With other mainstream parties embodying ‘business as usual’ or ‘more of the same’ - only the UK EU Party represents real change and an unequivocal commitment to remain.

In the longer term, The UK EU Party’s aim will be to contest any future UK General Election as the same ‘one policy, one purpose’ party, maintaining European Union membership as a central issue. This is the party’s raison d’être, but we also stand for a broader, inclusive, centrist form of politics.

As with the six million Remainers who backed the recent Petition to Revoke Article 50, and the one million people who took to the streets of London for The People’s March last month, those behind UKEUP have decided to act after seeing the chaos caused by the British Government and Opposition since the EU Referendum in 2016.