Freedom to Travel and Work

The UK welcomes and encourages tourism to/from the UK, it must be welcoming to genuine refugees, to welcome those who are willing to contribute both to our multicultural society and our economy, to encourage cross border employment in the EU and around the world.  We need to treat all members of humanity with respect and dignity.

The UK EU Party believes that freedom of tourist travel is crucial to both the economy of the UK and the understanding and engagement with different cultures around the world.  In Europe, our neighbouring countries, this is doubly important.  

The UK EU Party supports family life as a key component of local and national life.  Where close families have been split apart by war or other tragedy, travel restrictions should be lifted to enable them to come together.

The UK EU Party recognises the concerns expressed by those who voted leave who see unlimited immigration to be detrimental to some areas and communities.  Where EU individuals or families wish to come to the UK, they should not be able to claim benefits immediately, and that is fair.  We welcome all those, from anywhere, who are willing to contribute positively to our society and we want that contribution to be properly valued.  We welcome their cultural engagement where it does not undermine others and when it breaks down barriers rather than building ghettos.

The UK EU Party welcomes genuine refugees to the UK.  We have been very half-hearted in our acceptance of refugees reversing the policy of a hundred years of being genuinely ready to receive others in dire and dangerous circumstances. 

The UK EU Party holds that freedom to work inside and outside of the UK will continue to deliver good economic fortune for both the UK and its partners.  

However, The EU UK Party also considers completely open boarders to be an invitation for trafficking of people, drugs, stolen goods, weapons and other dangerous items.  HM customs need funding to improve technology at ports and airports to reduce queues and increase detection. Such funding cannot come in a shrinking economy.

Pierre Kirk