Welcome to The UK EU Party


Welcome to The UK EU Party, representing those who now wish the UK to REMAIN in the EU, including the many millions of UK citizens and residents who were denied a vote at the referendum who want to remain, and the many who voted for Brexit but have changed their minds.  

We believe the referendum vote was not sufficiently honest or democratic.  Only 27% of the UK population voted to leave.  4.7 million adults (a combination of citizens and residents), mostly remain voters, were purposely denied the opportunity to vote.  Leave won by less than 1.3 million.  We are a single issue party: to remain in the EU.  We want you to join the party for free, so that the membership shows we are a voice to be heard. (However, we will accept donations. If you are interested in making a party donation please go to the donations page).  We want the government to recognise the overwhelming evidence that the 2016 vote failed to represent the will of the people, and that the polling evidence since then shows an ever-increasing preference towards staying in the EU.   We want the UK to have the democratic right to change its mind in a second referendum, and to abandon Article 50 completely, before the country suffers the effects of companies, research, financial institutions, and wealth creators leaving the UK.  

We want our borders to be open within the EU, our economy to flourish, our EU residents, our fellow EU citizens to stay and to contribute to the UK community and economy.  We want UK citizens resident in the EU to continue to enjoy their life there.  Please join us.   

Pierre Kirk