Standing for a kinder, gentler politics, we have one aim: to stop Brexit. With other mainstream parties embodying ‘business as usual’ or ‘more of the same’ - only the UK EU Party represents real change and an unequivocal commitment to remain.


Our Mission:

Stop Brexit

One Policy. One Purpose.


march 2019

‘‘The European Election in May is the British Public’s best opportunity to have their second referendum and reverse Brexit.’’

Pierre Kirk, Founder, The UK EU Party



Why we are Remain

Like many in the UK, we are angry, we are frustrated, we have had enough.

The Brexiteers lied to us.

There was no easy deal to be had with the EU.

There’s not going to be £350 million extra for the NHS.

There are to be no individual deals with EU nations.

We have decided to act before it is too late.


23rd May


We need your vote.



candidates for the whole of the uk

We have candidates for our party from all sections of British society. Whether they come from a Left, Right or Centre ground background, they are all united through one aim: to stop Brexit.


18 million

beat the 2016 leave vote

We don’t just want to win a majority share of the vote in the European elections: we want to get more votes than the Leave vote in 2016


Get Involved and Join!

Whether you’re a true Remainer, didn’t or couldn’t vote in the last referendum, or consider yourself apathetic about politics until now, we need your vote in the upcoming European Elections on the 23rd May.



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Our Mission

We propose to treat the upcoming European elections on May 23rd 2019 as a Second Referendum on Brexit. Should we win a majority vote at these elections, we will use our mandate to demand that the UK government make an “EU turn”.

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